Taking orders for Fall! Grass fed beef halves and quarters and whole organic lambs available now. We will help you determine the cuts that best suit your family. Please call (603) 203-3109 or email info@clarkefarmnh.com to order.

Our farm, our values

Are you someone who cares about the quality of food you are eating and the environment your food it is grown in?

At Clarke Farm we strive to provide you and your family with the best quality meat for your table. Why? Because we wouldn’t serve anything less to our family. Our entire family, including children and grandchildren, have experienced the benefits of eating grass fed meat and we want to share those benefits with you and your family. Our customers tell us about how much better they feel now once they switched to our meats. We believe you will also experience these benefits once you try them.

Clarke Farm is owned and operated by husband and wife team Jack and Linda Clarke.  Established in 1980, Clarke Farm has been providing families with high quality meats for over 40 years. Together we built the farm structures and cleared the fields to create the best quality pasture for our animals.

Jack at barn door

Our goal is to help you to live a happier and healthier life. 

We believe our meats are a foundation to that goal.

We know you wouldn’t feed chemicals or hormones to your family, so we won’t feed them to our animals. Our animals graze on 70+ acres of pasture maintained using regenerative practices. We fertilize the pastures with fish emulsion and compost, not to increase the yield, but to improve the quality of the feed. The result – healthier animals and healthier meat.

Meeting your family’s health goals with nutrient dense meat

Health benefits include reduced joint inflammation, improved brain functioning and reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.

Our Farm

Raising Cattle and Sheep since 1973

The livestock are raised using a rotational grazing system and grow our own feed to keep the livestock eating the best non-GMO feed every day. We do not use routine antibiotics or added hormones on our animals.

Locally raised at our family farm in Epping, New Hampshire

Our Products

Bringing nature’s best to your family’s plate – sides and quarters cut to your needs.

Diagram of lamb cuts

Pasture raised lamb

Diagram of lamb cuts

Grassfed Beef

Our grass fed beef and lamb is raised with the highest quality care. All meat is aged for two weeks and frozen. U.S.D.A. Federally Inspected and vacuum sealed.

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