Ordering a meat in bulk can be a daunting task. Prior to ordering with us many of our customers have never even heard of a cut sheet. But the benefits of eating organic lamb and cost savings of buying in bulk are worth the challenges.

Lambs are sold as a whole, cut to order.  Amount of meat is estimated at 35 lbs for a 90 lb lamb not including bones or organs. Ground lamb represents 25 – 50% of the order. Use the cut sheet to indicate what cuts you would like.

What Cuts Do I Get With a Whole Lamb

Chuck – Roast, Cross Rib Roast
Braise, Cook with liquids

Neck – Lamb Neck Fillet
Braise, Cook with liquids

Ribs – Rack of Lamb, Lamb Cutlets, Lamb Chops
Roast, Grill, Pan-fry

Shoulder – Whole Shoulder boned or bone-in, Ground Lamb, Stew Meat
Grill, Marinate/Grill, Roast

Breast – Lamb Chop
Braise, Cook with liquids

Loin – Lamb Loin Chops, Chops
Grill, Roast or Pan Fry

Rump – Lamb Rump Roast, Chops and Steaks
Marinate and Grill, Roast, Braise, Cook with Liquids

Leg – Let of Lamb, Half Lamb Leg, Leg Lamb Steaks
Roast, Braise, Cook with Liquids

Shank – Lamb Shank
Braise, Cook with Liquids

Sheep Cut Chart
Download Cut Sheet

Call to Order

We are here to help ensure that you get the cuts of meat that match your families taste and budget. Please call or email to discuss your order.

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