Whole Lamb


$100 deposit required to secure your order.

100% organically raised lambs are sold whole, cut to order.  Amount of meat is estimated at 40 lbs for a 90 lb lamb not including bones or organs. Ground lamb represents roughly 5 lbs based on your order. Use the cut sheet to indicate what cuts you would like.

We are here to help ensure that you get the cuts of meat that match your families taste and budget. Please call or email to discuss your order. (603) 203-3109 – info@clarkefarmnh.com

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100% organically raised lamb – buy a whole lamb and save..

Price per pound: $6.75 lb
Weight range: 40 lbs

A standard whole lamb includes:
2 Racks of Lamb
16 Lamb Loin chops (4 pkgs of 4 chops)
4 Leg shanks (2 pkgs of 2 shanks)
2 Leg roasts (boneless by request)
2 Shoulder roast
2-4 lbs ground

Lamb can be cut to order. We will help with the cut sheet

Download Lamb Cut Sheet